”Thank you all so very much for paying such close attention to my order. All five lights came out even nicer than my husband and I had hoped. The era of our 150 year old Victorian home seems so much more alive now and we are so very pleased. I especially love my kitchen lights and would highly recommend to any one considering a lighting purchase from CLC to go ahead with it. Your kitchen and the rest of your home will love these lights! Thank you so much.”
Joanna Stapleton - Homeowner
Call us Toll Free anytime during our normal business hours excluding holidays - of 9AM - 7PM PDT Monday through Friday and Sundays from 11AM until 7PM for professional assistance with your order or choices 1.888.523.1999.

Please use the following links to get answers to our most common inquiries:
We Can Call You
If you would  like us to call you, we can do that too!

Just email us your info and details of your project, your phone number and best time to reach you, including your time zone. Feel free to include any questions. We are happy to call you back to discuss the project - info@customlightingcompany.com
Placing Your Order
To place and order, please call us Toll Free. When you call, we will discuss your available Custom Options as well as the setting where your lighting fixture(s) will be placed. This will help us determine the appropriate measurements and other design aspects in the creation of your selection(s).
All of our fine lighting products and shades are shipped via Federal Express Ground (unless Air, Overnight or other rush service is requested). Please note there is an additional fee for shipment by expedited Air Carrier and you will be informed of the shipping/packaging costs at the time of your order. Please inform us at the time of your order if your lighting fixtures must be shipped overseas. You will need to arrange overseas freight on your end and have the Shipping Company contact us for specific packaging instructions if required and arrange for scheduling a pickup.

Inspect your package(s) before signing for it. If you see any physical damage on the box, alert the driver.

If you order is late, please call us so we may track your shipment. If your order is lost by the carrier, we must wait for reimbursement and we will then rebuild and resend your order.

Loss of your shipment by the carrier is not grounds for cancellation of your order. Once we are reimbursed, your fixture(s) will be rebuilt and reshipped.

For any late or lost orders, please call us Toll Free at 1.888.523.1999.
Delivery Times
Depending upon what you order, the quantity of lights, glass shades and depending upon the customization of your choices, you can expect your delivery in an average of 6-8 weeks (excluding holidays). As you are placing your order, your salesperson will provide a more exact delivery time.
Return Policy
We do not accept returns on any products. Please understand that everything we produce is hand crafted and custom for your particular needs. For this reason, we do not stock any of our fixtures. When ordering, we simply ask that you are certain that your measurements, glass, mounting plate and metal color choices are exactly what you want. We cannot, for obvious reasons, accept a return for cash for any of our custom lighting products as they are designed based on your specific requirements. If there is a problem or error with your order, we are happy to correct it and reship it to you at no charge if it is, in fact, our fault which caused the problem. We always go through the process of Quality Control verifying measurements and electrical continuity on all fixtures before they are prepared for shipping.

Further, we ask that you allow us a bit of play. For example if you request a chandelier at 30" in height, it may be end up at 30.25" or 29.75" as everything is fabricated by hand and further, some parts have minor discrepancies in measurements. We always do our very best to make sure your order is custom created to your specifications.

Please follow these guidelines before purchasing:

You have up to three (3) business days from your Invoice Date to cancel your order.

Since your order is custom designed, we cannot accept a return simply because you've "changed your mind" or because you cannot figure out how to install your lights.

Under extenuating circumstances, we may accept a return for store credit and any accepted returns must be shipped in their original packaging with all pieces. Any missing pieces will be grounds for a deduction in the value of your original invoice amount, or refusal of acceptance of the returned item(s).

Glass is not refundable. Since most of our glass shades are imported, it is impossible for us to offer a refund as our costs would be prohibitive. Under certain circumstances, we will allow an exchange for equal or greater value and you must cover all shipping costs.

We also allow 7 days after your receipt of your merchandise to notify us of a correction or repair. If it is our error, upon receipt of your fixture, we will repair and then reship the fixture(s) to you at no cost.

Shipping costs are not refundable.

Any damage to the fixture or glass - not present at the time of our shipping your order to you - will be noted and the value of your original invoice will be reduced in accordance with the extent of the damage.

All returns must be shipped Fully Insured for the purchase price.

If your order is lost by a courier, we will file a claim and await reimbursement from them. Once we receive reimbursement, we will rebuild your fixtures and ship them to you. 

Any of our products that are created with any applied Custom Options such as different length or metal color are never refundable for cash but, under certain circumstances, may be exchanged for store credit. This includes any custom options applied to your fixture(s).

We provide a free mounting kit with all orders. Your electrician will know how to install your light(s). If you cannot figure out how to install your light(s), we will not accept this as a reason for return. We will do our best to explain the installation process to you if needed, but it is in your best interest to have a professional electrician install your light(s).

We are confident that the beauty and quality of our pieces will make you thoroughly satisfied and you will most likely never have to deal with a return.
Glass Choices
The prices that are reflected on each of our product pictures do not include the glass or fabric shades. There are many Interchangeable Glass Choices which may be the same price or may cost more or less. We will inform you of the prices at the time of your order, as glass prices fluctuate for various reasons, including the value of the US Dollar as compared to the countries we import our glass shades from.

Please do not hesitate to call one of our representatives for help in choosing the best glass suited for your selections, as well as the period and/or style you are trying to reproduce 1.888.523.1999
Electrical Wattage Capacities
Next to each of our fixture models, you will see suggested wattage which is referred to as “Lamping”. Most of our lighting fixtures use porcelain sockets, not the cheap plastic versions used on most mass produced light fixtures. Our sockets are rated for up to 600 Watts but we do not recommend using such his wattage as the heat may cause damage to your glass shades. We are very meticulous when it comes to the quality of our craft. All of our electrical components are UL™ Approved. They are absolutely the finest components for the money.

We also design models which use Candelabra based sockets. These are used either with light bulbs alone, or clip on fabric shades we provide. We recommend not going over a 60W bulb for candelabra based fixtures, again due to heat build up possibly damaging your shades. All of our fabric shades are made using flame retardant materials.

Other CLC lighting fixtures which use fabric shades include metal sockets which are extendable to a certain height and are used based on the overall height of the fabric shades. We offer various choices of socket covers such as plastic, beeswax and others.

All of our lamping suggestions on all the fixtures containing glass shades are not only suggested due to electrical capacity, but some for the height of the light bulb. We do not want the top of the bulb to stick out through the top of the glass, but that is of course your own preference. There are lower profile bulbs (shorter bulbs) on the market and we suggest using these to prevent the bulb's visibility.

If you have any questions, please call one of our representatives Toll Free at 1.888.523.1999.
Coordinated Fixtures
We can suggest to you the right piece if you only need one item, or we can coordinate an entire home worth of our lighting. We do this frequently with Architects and Interior Designers, such as for a Hotel or Restaurant when many custom light fixtures are required. Creating a flow or "theme" in a residential or commercial application is one of our specialties. Please do not hesitate to call us Toll Free to speak to one of our lighting designers who can help coordinate a theme in your home. It would help if you could email us a copy of the floor plans a well.

Your lighting theme may need to carry from fixture to fixture or room to room. A hotel, for example, may need to coordinate their lighting theme on every floor and in every room. We are happy to spend whatever time you may need to get your order perfect!

There is no charge for our decorating services or suggestions. Please feel welcome to call us Toll Free 1.888.523.1999